Monday, April 4, 2011

KL x RL x IL

Years ago Kyle Lightner and I would sit at his old place under the Carillo hill and watch the Innermost Limits of Pure Fun endlessly while we waited through flat spells and color lams to cure at the boatyard; a particular board caught our attention every time and we would put it on repeat and study it at length; the curves we could see through the film and the way it was moving in the water, trying to surmise what was going on in that boards design that made it SO fast on a few particular had a different quality, quirky and odd but fast and very interesting to watch move on a good section.

I've had my last Ice9 blank sitting in my shop for well over a year now since they closed; I was using exclusively Ice9 blanks for most all of the boards that I was flowing to Albers, Lightner, Trevor and the guys...I've saved this one for a long time and wanted it to be a perfect fit.

I've been riding this board for the past week now and have clocked some of the most amazing rides I've had all year; specifically on Lightner's birthday a few days ago...Mind blowing lines and some powerful mid face bottom turns through the cove in Ventura.

I do my best not to sound like a hippy but this board is a product of pure inspiration and development in relationships and styles; it feels comforting to own this board that's been in our heads for years.


john said...

looks like the stringer less boards they were riding when they walked onto the military base, surf that beautiful little point with George on a matt and Chris Brock and Ted Spencer getting ridiculously long rides.... Correct????

Ryan said...


El Hefe said...

looks like some sort of radical peanutbutter schwing.

KL said...

smoking weed is so awesome.
oh, and so is that board!