Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Midlength Madness

I've been all about midlengths for a few years now and it's been a little quest of mine (amongst too many others) to nail a couple of designs that just plain stoke people out every time they ride 'em.

Midlengths are tricky business and I finally feel like I've nailed two designs pretty hard...One for juicier waves, and one for head high and under days, both get my blood going just thinking about the lines they've been drawing recently...a really smooth mix of powerful flow, glide and some deep carves to top it off.

Call me stoked.

Here's Travers Adler showing us how it's done on v.Bowls...Step 1, the planning:

step 2, the execution:

step 3, rejoice:

For me, the coolest thing about these is that everyone who snags a few waves handles them with some serious conviction right off the bat...heres Connor getting finding some time in the slot on the same board:

...shape it and they will trim. Greg Swanson poised for success on Silky Love:

red fin for the win.

sloppy lotus deck...

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