Friday, July 15, 2011

Space Case

7'9" and full of shred. I got to spend three consecutive days on this puppy with hardly a soul around and a mechanical reef peak to work out some r&d on.

I will be making a. lot. more. of this one.

So far I've done variations on v.bowls in 6'3", 6'7", 7'9" and 8', each one has been a pleaser in every sense of the word. Super flowy and smooth with lots of down the line speed and a buttery, deep cutback that accelerates all the way back to the whitewater.
...I have a new favorite!

The inlay is a hand printed scarf from India, over a really light powdery blue pigment.

She's essentially a mellow rockered, down railed, widepoint-back midlength. Slight belly up front with a shallow vee between your feet and a flat, hard railed tail for tons of speed and release...yeah, that sounds about right.