Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good Clean Fun

Got a bunch'a boards now; I'm up to about 7" of foam dust on the ground, a nice pad to run my shaping laps most definitely. Got quite a few v.Bowls', some Velosims, EveningStars (the tall pointy ones), a beautiful 9'2 K & K, some ThrougHulls and a couple Pocket Pickles (ha.)...A pretty solid lineup of boards and ones I've been very happy to shape the past week here at Blend Glassing in Soustons. I'm sad to say though that I can't take on any more orders for this trip, time is winding down here and quite a few requests piled in, looks like I'll be shaping 'till the day I take off and my fingers are already raw, YEW!!!

The Allman Brothers' Seven Turns album has been a fantastic soundtrack to shape all of these to, there's some seriously good juju emanating from this stack of boards!

Rock out with your planer out:

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o4trix said...

worky worky worky worky worky.. good on ya.