Friday, August 12, 2011

Yearly Europe and East Coast Vision Quest

The weekend countdown begins, I'm off on monday to shape in Biarritz, France at Blend glassing to meet up with some old friends and make a whole lot of new ones in the process. Shaping in Europe is always a blast. Sharing tips, tricks, templates and tubes always makes me happy!

If you're interested in a custom board while I'm over there email Rui ( or myself ( and we'll have the answers to your questions. I'll only be there a couple of weeks so the sooner the better, if you want one jump on board quick :)

and THEN...

I'll be stopping off in New Jersey to visit Phil at Glide Surf Shop on the way back home and shaping there for a couple of days also. So that means YOU, eastcoasters...Shoot me an email if you wanna chat about a custom board, I'd be honored to fulfill your surfiest desires!

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