Thursday, February 9, 2012

6'7 Flextail Stub F/S

More often than not when people ask if I have any stock boards for sale the answer is no. But right now, the answer is yes.
One of them. This one.

She's a 6'7 SB Stub that I threw a glass panel flex tail on...sanded/matte finish for ultimate wave- speeding. $750 and bingobango she's your new ride!

email me at if you wanna come give it little a feel-up and then some!


trailertrimm said...


Ryan said...

you're insatiable dude.

**people should know mr.trailertrimm has by now, what must be about 87 of my boards from the past 6 months or so. Okay maybe more like 4, but still. He can't be stopped!

Jason A Gonzalez said...

Rode my PC flextail Sled this morning at overhead Topanga, max flow -

any of you potential flexers out there, this slab is it, don't miss your chance!

trailertrimm said...

sell your old shitty boards and get a fresh new set from my man mr lovelace. thats what i did.... been surfin my brains out all winter on my vbowl, sb stub, throughull and now the pigish!!