Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Heaps of Sherbert

The other evening I got a little fire to shape a special little board for the Australia shape-cation coming up, I figured last years trip changed my life so heavily that I ought to build a board for this years trip with what I've learned since last time...I ended up at 8'3" x 23" x 3" and very thinly foiled...v.Bowls esque in foil and concept, with a few modifications to offer a little different kind of groove. Volan all around w/deck patch, abstract Sherbert bottom with white tinted deck...my my my, she's a looker and feels juuuuuust right under my arm, I'm frothing on this one!
I'll be bringing this one, my 8' v.Bowls and 7'4" Pocket Pleaser...a nice round quiver of round boards!


Michael Kew said...

Dango, that's a beaut.

trailertrimm said...

that is the raddest glass job! cosmic sherbert is the grooviest!