Monday, February 27, 2012

Rabbits Foot Video

I've been very blessed lately in the realm of fun projects; this is one of them.

The Rabbits Foot is a finless surfboard that's been a really fun project between some finless-fanatics; Dan Malloy came to me with a half-started project that Dan was calling the Rabbits Foot, it was under way and there was a solid and very interesting design theory but it needed to be executed and wrapped up. I shaped and glassed the little monster with a substantial question mark in my head about it...then he and Trevor surfed it and the project had some legs to run on!

The orange board here is the second version, keeping the same basic design elements and altering the package pretty heavily, when compared with a discerning eye. Version 2 went to Trevor Gordon who got some really fun results, this video is a session in small waves, though this version seems to perform best on bigger waves. There are 2 other variations so far, Ryan Burch owns one, and Michael Kew owns the last. Another is in the works and will be heading with me to Australia shortly.

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trailertrimm said...

trevor is killer it on that thing