Tuesday, June 12, 2012

from Axel and the Alaia Religion

Axel Piperno shot me over some photos from my two days in Rome; he so kindly snagged me from the airport on a couple hours notice and the guys happened to have a blank handy so I offered to shape out a little thank-you gift for them in the form of a 5'8 Piggyback.  

I shaped it in their lair in Rome that is a metal working shop, occupied by one of their friends' father and his craft.  I hope that this kind of stuff is what sets me apart and defines what I do...And also the raddest glasses I've ever found.  Nearly impossible to see out of them because of the shade of blue they cast...Welding goggles to the max.  You can define what I do based on them, too if you'd like:

The guys gave me a nice little walking tour of Rome for the day, I learned stuff:

More learning.  Oliver Catanzariti teaching:

I also did some instructing on how to pound water like a champ.  I've had some version of the Flu for the past 2+ weeks now...hoping it fades soon so I can shape a weeeee bit more comfortably!  

Stoke-meter is maxing!



Yeeeewwww!stokeddddd see ya next!


Yewwwww stokedddd see ya next !