Friday, June 22, 2012

Updates from France!

I've just added the mass of boards that The Shop Next Door has for sale in the little page above, marked  FOR SALE...scope it if you're after one, there's also a list of boards for sale in California.

In the meantime, I've been heavy into the dust dungeon all week at Wallako here in Bidart, France.  They just built a brand new shaping room that I got the privilege of breaking in; 

I think I've done a rather alright job so far considering the paint was drying when I shaped the first board in there last week!  

I don't have a count right now but I've been getting after pounds (i mean kg's) of foam with the planer and foiling a whoooooooole lot of blanks down to their most essential bits; lots of v.Bowls and Sherbert variations, the pintails are making a bid for my heart.  Lots of hulls, a rather interesting 7'10 singlefin off of the Evening Star template but with down rails, shaped specifically for a few waves around these parts, a handful of Piggybacks and other little nuggets.

I'm a happy camper and am nearing my last days in France, then its off to visit Angelo at Flow & Soul Surfboards on the coast of Belgium...What an adventure, indeed!

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