Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pure Shred Froth!

Patagonia just put out their new video for the R3 wetsuit, Trevor was the chosen one to represent for their video thang.  What was produced is a total shredfest with a pile of boards I couldn't be much more stoked with the level of surfing that Trevor throws down on them.  It's like your boss telling you that your TPS report is juuuuust fantastic, and Patagonia just made a video showing the world just how good it is....Or something like that.

It's about 90% Piggyback (hp twinfin), 2% v.Bowls, 2% Rabbitsfoot, 2%t.Rev and 2% FCD Fark (trevor's go to FCD)...amping.  Feast your eyes on the shred, I can't get enough!!

ps - I linked the board names above to some info on each one from the past if you're curious.

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Michael Kew said...

And to think about how much unused footage remains!