Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh Darlin', What Have I Done?

I had a very vague vision of what I wanted when I started this one yesterday, but a 100000% solid idea of what I want her to do.

After riding some standard san diego gliders I knew this one had to be different to make the most of the waves I want to use it in (knee to head high points here in SB) its very safe to say she only resembles other gliders in planshape; otherwise........there is now a 10' 11 1/4" hull waiting for a nice little pocket to show me what real glide is.

more descriptive photos very very soon...but for now, I'm gonna go play with resin and wood fins.


Bogus said...


borntoloser said...

Let's see some more shots! Rocker, contours, the whole kit!

Miles Jackler said...

you better strap a drag chute to the back of that thing, I have a vision of you gliding from the indicator through the cove and right out of the water and into the break wall at the con

Le Vyusher said...

You done gone an didit! WOW. I want that. I shall not covet! I shall not covet! Fuggit, I covet! I covet!

3dotcat said...

glider hull oh my
glider hull oh my