Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One Hundred Thousand Times A Day

photos: PizzaTime

Ready for action after a long, long day of glassing...more photos to come soon...maiden voyage in the morning.

Glassed with 8oz volan all over; stringers are 2x 1/2" cedar.  Ice9 Cane (sugar based) foam, and Silmar Eco resin which I've been using for the past few weeks...its SUPER clear and really strong, plus its said to have no VOC's...gee whiz!
Glasson 1/2" thick fin, hand foiled with a glass flex tip...been wanting to make this style of fin for a long long time and finally got to go for it.  photos of that one very soon as well!

I have a new soul mate.


Esteban Pumpernickel said...

That looks either really fun or really scary. I guess it depends on from what end you are staring at while screaming along waist high bliss.

Danimal said...

damn. How big is the fin? Damn, now I really need to get up to gnarbra asap to try that thing!

Ryan said...

fin is 9"...the rail does a whole lot of driving, so a massive fin isnt really necessary (thanks for the brainstorm ross!)
im pretty un-scared to ride sure it sounds really corny but i feel really connected to this board and we're at peace already, shes very very pointy...but i think we'll be good friends :)

Flying said...

woaw, outstanding work ryan.
i added you to our fellow craftsmen list at

aloha from spain

Worm said...

ride that sunday and i'll drop in and jump on it for a ride

Ryan said...

i built it special for sunday, but if the waves are much like today, ill be going for something was a trip!