Tuesday, July 7, 2009

6'10 | 6'0 | 6'3 | 7'0



The Cleaner said...

oh why dost thou tempt me with such visuals on high??? i curse the sirens that call me and the wicked demi-gods that toy with me. oh why oh why can't i possess such lovelies. but seriously Ryan you make some wicked good sticks. i think my keyboard just shorted out from copious amounts of drool...... one day soon i'll contact you with $ in hand to talk about a design collaboration be cause the feets and toes have the need for speed... cheers and beers from the newbie up north.

Ryan said...

second best blog comment ever (only behind Paul Gross' history lesson mind you!).
theres two boards at molluskin SF you can surf if you'd like to give one a shot, send me an email and ill let the guys know!