Thursday, July 9, 2009


The name is up in the air, but heres the skinny:

5'7 x 22" x 2 3/4", Murray-esque nose, widened a tad.  simmons-like (wide and straight) tail w/a big wing and a trashcanny tail a-la the Gull.

The bottom is heavy tri-plane like murray, but instead of a single concave, Josh and I opted for a Vee off the tail section (from the wing back).  Just ahead of the back foot is a light and wide double concave to bring back a little rail to rail drive/skate that is lost with a tri-plane or hull bottom.

Shaped for changing up the flow on average+ beachbreaks and daily type waves, skate off the back foot and pure rail drive off the front foot from the hull rail line and thinner rails.  I have very little doubt that this thing will change some perceptions on a chest high day...

The truly custom board will never be lost.


o4trix said...

dims? twin? keel? murray fin setup?

that thing looks like a magic carpet dude; i can't stop looking at the bottom transitions into the money.

Ryan said...

f*ing blogger...its black font...on a black background...problem solved...ooops!

josh said...

from an idea to a lined paper ink pen sketch to a shaped blank that solidifies the concept... very impressive.