Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Divinely Strange Refrain

Lady on the water, make me rich or make me poor; 
Lay your flowers at my door.

Share my bread and share my drink; pay no mind what others think.

Place your thumb upon my tongue; weave a song no one has sung.

My lady on the water, whip this wind into a flame; with your grapes and bottled rain, make your wine of my worship a divinely strange refrain.

.5' to fit.


PageOne said...

Blitzen Trapper... great song.

My fave from the album:

Ryan said...

YES! good call!!!
saw them a few nights ago here in SB, they were really good live which i was really happy buddy saw them the next night at the hollywood bowl with Ray Lamontaigne...AH!!

PageOne said...

I caught them out here in NC a little after Wild Mtn Nation. They looked to be having a good ol' time on stage which made for a fun show. Seeing them at the Hollywood Bowl would be prime.

I put together a compilation of summery tunes a month or so ago that you may like. I assume you go thru a lot of music in the shaping shack. There's a tracklist pictured to see if anything sparks you interest:

If you check it, let me know what you think! BTW, your new header image is ahsum.

o4trix said...

wait; you were at velvet jones the other night and I didn't see you?

Miles said...

the board is pretty sweet too

Ryan said...

uh nick...ya i saw you, and was yelling at you repeatedly as you were taking shots at the bar...i was above you, but i figured as loud as i could have yelled you still wouldnt hear me ;)
good to see the top of your head though!

Flossy said...

such a jam