Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For Sale

Got a line on two used hulls right now and was asked to put them up on here for anyone looking to pick up one of my shapes second hand!

First up is a 7' x 22 3/4 x 2 3/4 Hullibut (failsafe numbers for me and anyone else who's been riding them).  White and red resin color, this board was tempting me more than any other in recent memory...I almost shaped Tosh another and kept this one for myself, it's a beautiful board.
He's askin' $450 obo, it's been ridden less than a handful of times and is in flawless condition, contact me for info, its in SB:

Second up is one from the wayback files and is located in New Jersey, but Kyle is willing to ship it for those interested.  This one has stuck in my mind since I built it, a more forward templated beachbreak and shorter-wave hull that will go bananas in a good point wave also, not the full bladed rails i've been doing lately but very thin still, it's got a tapered stringer flextail, and a full pigmented bottom with an abstract deck patch thats also done in resin....check the old logo :)!
He's also asking $450 obo as it's in great condition:

for this board, email: gronostajski2725@philau.edu



reid said...


reid here in hawai'i.

i'll take the red white hull.

hit me up with an email.


Ryan said...

shot you an email, not sure if he's into shipping but we'll see!

Ryan said...

red/white board sold!