Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two Macking Swells, in Review:

Late December swell:

Early January swell:

R.I.P. Asymetrichull and Pinky, easily two of the best board i've had in the past two years, you did not die in took some he-man sized waves on the head and were blasted into oblivion at the same spot, in all of your balls-out trimming and overdrive producing bottom turning glory.

It is more than fair to say they were tested beyond their intended wave-size, which is half the fun of experimenting with shapes, pushing them to the limit and finding the point at which stringerless EPS and ultra bladey railed, 1/16" bass stringers don't live through.

This isn't about building myself the perfect board every time, it's about trying new things, finding new lines, new techniques, and new boundaries...and re-building my quiver before me and the boys waltz into waves like that again...........

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