Saturday, January 2, 2010


More on this coming soon...very stoked :)
(that's trevor's quiver +1, btw)


Brandon said...

so stoked for you!! did herbie make it as the centerfold?

Sofa King said...

First time commenting. Got a board from you a year and a half or so ago.

What japanese mag is that? I'll post it up on my Japanese blog.


Ryan said...

im making a wild guess and gonna say you got a small quad fish from me, clear glass, lokboxes, old logo, you picked it up from my house in goleata...takero?
and you work for deckers shoes? am i right or am i right?

i hope im right... :)
otherwise i look like an ass!

anyways, it'll be in this coming issue of Blue magazine, im going to scan the pages and post them all up here with an english translation when i get one to scan, so maybe wait for those ones, they'll be waaay better quality!

Sofa King said...

Yes, you are correct.