Thursday, January 7, 2010

Neil Young, the Surfboard

There comes a time when a surfboard needs a name, and there comes a time when you name it Neil Young...its just something that happened to this one.

Brandon wanted a new board to have as a daily driver in beachbreak mush as well as fun point waves.  Something that can hang out in the car and your bases will be covered whenever/wherever...a good fun board that goes really this is what I made him.

5'10" x  19 3/4" x 2 5'8", concave deck and a somewhat thick tail for what I usually shape.  The bottom is a soft vee entry, into a light and wide double concave that fades and squeezes into a single concave out the last bit of the tail.  The template started out as a stretched out t-rev, then got a long straight portion thrown in for projection and trim speed, the wing adds pivot and straightens the tail outline to square off top turns...I like it a lot.  

Just like I like Neil Young.

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