Friday, March 19, 2010

How Two: Three Parts

Bobby L's 6'9" (x 22" x 3") Dreadnought got a little fabric's how to get down:

1) Draw some funk all over the place.

2)  Mask off everything you don't want to be funky, use approx. 300 linnear yards of tape for this step.  Then lay out your sheet of pizazz with gusto.  After that, saturate then pull out the excess magic.  Next, let it curate itself all over the place, don't hold it back, that will only impeded step three:

3)  Use the skills of a veteran lion trainer who works part time at the laundromat to carefully slice up your one large mass of cool into smaller, visually enjoyable shapes:

4)  There is no four.  Who told you there would be a part four?  Outrageous.


Rui said...

I want to see that in person!! :)

Steph,honey said...

What a beautiful board!!!!!

Felipe Siebert said...

Ryan, you're crazy man :)
should be laborious to do this detail with the tapes!