Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Molding Again

I'm working today and tomorrow on a new set of molds so I can mold glasson and box fins out of unidirectional carbon fiber, kevlar, fiberglass, whatever i want really...and with whatever resin I want also (poly, epoxy, resin-x?)...pretty stoked!  

The template I've chosen to make the mold off of will allow me to make anything from spoon fins to hull fins anywhere between 7.5" and 10".

The molds are light; made from two layers of 6oz E glass and then three layers of 3/4oz mat for some girth; I should be pulling the first fin out of it in another day or so!

I've been wanting to do this for a year or so now and found the time to start yesterday between a few customs...As of now the molds are ready to use but I may do a little tweaking to make them a bit cleaner and less prone to damage when in the vacuum bag.

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