Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh Hai!

Lots of times I'll lend out my 6'9 hull/fish to chaps who don't know what to order...they describe themselves as flow oriented, all around surfers who drive off their front foot but can't really lay down a full railed 7' hull cutback and want lots of the same feelings and drive with a bit more ability to get tubed and make more critical drops.

...Enter the hull/fish thing (it's been unnamed for 3 years with it!) is my oldest board and it goes mental...I've loved it and trusted it in any waves since the day we met (When I was still shaping/glassing/sanding/pinlining/glossing  in the boatyard alone...fathom that one!).

Aaaaanyways, that board has introduced a lot of people to hulls and the derived designs that I do which share the same concepts.  i'd venture to say around 20 individuals have sprung hull addictions off that board (incidentally it was the linking board between the OG design and Pinky).  

So this is a custom from one of those happy intoducee's...6'4" x 20" x 2 7/8" low rocker, thin rails, hulled out bottom with my favorite double to single concave breaking up the favorite and most involved bottom shape that works like kittens.

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