Friday, June 19, 2009


For the past few weeks I've been enjoying the f*ck out of a shape Trevor named the Hullibut...Smoothed and sleeked tail outline from the widepoint, aft.  

Same nose as She hull, Dead Sled and Vampire, but the belly is relaxed in the first foot, and gets deep (as far as my hull bottoms go) from the sweet spot all the way back into the fin.  Rails are still close to non-existent...the deeper belly (due to feedback from Dr.Hillbers, endless thanks) gives it a whole new spring off the bottom.  

Josh L.'s Hullibut under the light:

The light:



Bogus said...

"trevor named the hullibut"

no way i am taking you to ventura now!!!!!!

Hilbatron 3000 said...

No thanks required. Love that curve change in the hip- it should be a sweet steerer! BJ