Monday, June 29, 2009

Murray Update

Murray has been finished and surfed (i'll let the guys give their own reviews, no blood was shed over who got to surf the board when, but it got close a few times), Morgan and Miles drove up to Ocean Beach with me for the weekend to hand off Murray and the Ice Cream fish to the fellows at Mollusk Surfshop to sample for a few weeks

M. and the Indo hull.

Art by Kent Keystone.

...The boards should be hanging out in the shop up there if anyone in the northlands is curious to see them!

photos: Bogvs

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Miles said...

murray goes kids, know this. its an odd combination of glide, drive and flex, if i didnt know better i would have thought i dropped in on a hull, pumped down the line on a skatey fish, and cut back on a nice single fin. It duck dives like a dream, and late drops are were made with confidence unfamiliar to a traditional hull. i cant wait to surf with murray again