Friday, June 26, 2009

I f*ing <3 Pizza

Two very fine and very different examples of my true favorite craft, the pizza.  Top, from Mesa Pizza Co...the finest in the land.  Support your local pizza builders.


Bogus said...

both were exceptional

warm jet said...

love pizza too.
after having it in NY i find it's a completely different dish than CA.
I could live on NY slices.
Now forced back to the horrors of the doughy mass.
not bad, just different.

Le Vyusher said...

Mmmmm. Garlic Pepperoni.

glider said...

true pizza lovers must make the pilgrimage to NY- those shots barely even look like pizza- too much doughy crust. your boards look insane though!!!

Bogus said...

mesa pizza haters ruined surfing