Monday, June 29, 2009

SurferMag Fame and Fortune

Well Blogosphere, this is it, I've made the big time...The checks are rolling in, mostly into my offshore accounts.
I've moved to europe and am shaping only for Oprah and Bono.  When I want.  

So long stinky, dismal Santa Barbara...nothing can stop me now, you can ALMOST tell it MIGHT be me in that tiny orange picture behind the subscription tag:

Here is the first page of the article (its in the new massive annual issue of Surfer Magazine, page 257):

Itty bitty photographer that I'm stepping on all the way to the tippity top of boatyard-board-building fame: Morgan


Felipe Siebert said...

if you undestand portuguese:

the dirtiest hippy said...

thats quite a turn you're doing...

El Hefe said...

Pics of you and You and Greenough in the same article? Holy Shit.

proneman said...


GG Flying!