Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Sacred Craft just came and went again. What a weekend!
The roar of conversation in that building every year is close to deafening, and this year was no different; what I'm sure is BILLIONS of people coming in and out all day long, talking story and old times, shapes and design ideas plus art and everything else that shows up. It's truly another universe in there for two very full days.

Saturday morning I shaped a 7'6 v.Bowls variation out of EPS, the toe side is a double ender template (the nose of v.Bowls flipped at center) and foiled down to a decently bladed hull rail/bottom shape (not the normal v.Bowls foil).
The heel side's nose is pulled in about 1" and the widepoint is pushed back to it's normal zone behind center, with a slightly rolled bottom to spiral vee off the rounded-pin tail. The rails are thin and turned down, especially at the tail, which is semi boxy and poised to release like nobodies business...What I'm aiming for is an outrageous projection off the toe side and a high performance v.Bowls heel side to transition that power/speed onto for controlled, heavy cutbacks.

photo | kew

The boards got a really warm reception and the 6'10 finless that I shaped for Pat took the cake for more felt up board in the stack, followed closely by my 9'2 k&k professional. I'll be snagging photos of all the boards shortly as Herbie and I recover from the weekend!

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yo said...

Great time and great to talk story....