Sunday, October 23, 2011

Used Ones for Sale!

Okay kiddos and kidettes, I've got a couple of boards I wouldn't mind parting ways with and all of 'em are in reeeeeeal nice, huh?

The list is as such:

6'7 triplane singlefin (70's style narrow tail). Full blue tint with cutlaps, she's a real perdy one that lends a lot of confidence in larger surf. Asking $450 obo

clovis donizetti + 6'7:

6'5 ghulliah, a more pulled in hull template that shines at reefbreaks and beachies, 2+1 fin setup (all box fins, no glassons), with a cosmic paper inlay on the deck. $450 obo:

and a 9'2 k&k professional, this is my personal board at the moment and I'm not DIEING to sell it.. but if someone wants to take ownership I'm not opposed, as it would shed light in my quiver corner for a few projects I have in mind. No pressure dents, looks and feels brand new, $700 obo:

email ryankentlovelace @ gmail .com