Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Water Lines

Kew has been sending me LOADS of video so far this fall, he's gone bananas filming lately so frame-grabs are plentiful, above is Trevor accelerating back into the pocket on the througHull, I had to chose from 6 different grabs of the same textbook turn; Trevor has got this board DOWN and rides it like an extension of his superhuman feet. Call me stoked.

I often find myself looking at the water trails in pictures and video more than the surfer, it tells me what my boards are doing and how it's interacting with each section of the wave and how it reacts to each surfer's stance/style. Below is Connor on the 7'9 v.Bowls that I lent to Travers, all of the boards that show up are pretty much communal when they hit the sand so everyone usually gets good waves on most every board...Here's CJ Soloman locked in and working on his double arm stall..

Lastly, Kew sent me this one of myself locked into a little pocket, not much for water trails and research but man...that was a fun one :)

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