Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Feel Goooooood

9'2 K&K Professional

10" flexer felt gooooood on my sunset session last night.

There's very little that makes me happier than good vibes in the ocean on and around boards that I built specifically for people...

this'd be an 8' v.Bowls for Will who I ran into in the water, on
their maiden voyage together and having a blast.

A fine foil indeed, Will is 16 and has a few of my boards now, I'm guessing this one will
end up being in toe most of the time this winter after their first surf!

8' v.Bowls for Mike...the fabric was found in an antique store and labeled 60's KLM, guessing an airline fabric? All's I know is Mike called me when I got out of the water last night and was raving about his multiple tubes and shred levels being through the roof...I was starting to feel good by the time he started describing his double-arm-stall tuberides over the phone.

7'4 v.Bowls for Jesse who reported a pair of noodle arms after catching so many waves in the late afternoon. Jesse is used to smaller boards and wanted something to battle the crowds with and groove and flow through sections with a bit more ease, her first reports proved quite positive :)

A smooth operator...7'4 is a really clean and round size for this template, I'm finding:

So my evening was pretty flippin great, hearing all my new v.Bowlers ranting and raving after a little swell filled in our favorite waves on the low tide. I can't help but feel pretty proud of my creations today, especially after taking them all the way down to Sacred Craft and making people wait just a liiiiiittle bit longer for 'em.

Thanks for making my week Will, Jesse and Mike!

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