Saturday, October 29, 2011

Moving Day

Trevor and I tackled my new shaping diggs yesterday, I couldn't be much happier with its 'ness' feels like a larger boatyard, which as some of you know was very special to me over the past few years.

For the past few months as I sort out my life it's been a storage space for my shop and life supplies as well as a few of the property owner's boxes...we found some pretty interesting stuff:

I made a model B-17 with my brother and my dad when I was super young, it was the first group project that I truly remember and the airplane hung in my brother and my bedroom well into high school. One of the few remaining bombers left in operation flew over our house here and there as it left from Boeing Field up and over the city and eventually right over our house, it was always a neck-craned and silence-stricken moment when it would buzz the house...finding this was a kick:

Trevor dug this one out of a box a few minutes later:

By the end of the day we organized everything and packed it back into the room ready for building day today...

I'm. very. excited.

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