Saturday, February 6, 2010

Boatyard Magic

I needed to install a finbox in Jonny's new spoon for travel and fin playing purposes, so we got creative.  about 5 minutes worth of scrounging around the boat yard I came across a pile of scrap Core Cell, a high density foam used in boats and sailboards usually...after about 20 minutes of shaping it against the doorway with a surform, I set in angled blocks against the finbox (which was not installed yet, just propped in there); and let it cure:

The next morning I came back, unstrapped the foam which was now resined in place, shaped it all tidy and flowing up onto the box; then covered the finbox in tape, set it back in there and glassed a shell over the top of it, which once cured provided my finbox with support and a cavity to be sunk into...tadaaaaa:

The finbox will act like a small spine for the tail of the board to twist around, not affecting the flex of the board much more than a glassed in fin would.

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Vyusher La Kali said...

I like the colour of the high dens foam with the rest of the board. Magick!