Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nick Cooking

I'm sure you've seen Nick's name splattered here and there along the PCProgression, but lets go a little more in depth today.

Nicky has been pumping out some really killer photos lately; I'm really enjoying his latest work, and his hair is as majestic and glorious as ever.  
He snapped some specifically great shots of Lando and Albers spreading some Duckula over a non-descript point wave once upon a time...

I don't think nick knows how to work a digital camera, or at least i've never seen him near one, he's a master of the manual film realm and cares deeply about his subject matter.  

Nick's work is supremely unique and simple, usually black and white in nature, these color shots really caught my eye and I thought some of you kids should take a look at what he's up to

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