Thursday, February 25, 2010

How To: Fin Yourself

1)  Buy a perfectly good fin...okay...or're gonna want to start with something kinda trashed..fins aren't cheap, this isn't news to any of us...
Then template your new fin onto it:

2)  Cut that sucker out with something really sharp...pref. a carbide bladed-jigsaw or band saw if you happen to work with carbide tipped things a lot...i just use my grinder at different angles, it's easier to 100% true up the template after it's rough foiled.  So get it really close.
Then Snag your grinder and get itchy.  Here is my fin rough sanded with a 60 grit disc.  Make special note of your foil lines, wobbly ones suck.  they're everywhere, I can't say it'll noticeable affect 90% of surfer's experiences, but it shows a little bit of a lack of quality to me...okay, rant's the rough foil:

3)  Then get funky with a soft pad and some 120 sand paper, take your grinder scratches out and smooth off the foil.  repeat with 220 then i finish mine off with 320 wet/dry.......Then paint something on it, so as to advertise to the world that yes, your fin is cool:  


4) Now go put it in your shred sled:

5)  The soon thereafter, shred your sled on something resembling: