Monday, February 1, 2010


8'4 Hull and beyond...
This to me is the essence of a custom surfboard.  Ed emailed me and mentioned that he builds his own boards and experiments with lots of 8'+ shapes; simmons style twins with very wide tails and parallel outlines.  He asked if I would brainstorm and work a bit of hull magic into that basic idea in a long parallel outline with a wide and soft tail.

In all honesty when I stepped into the shaping room with this blank I didn't 100% know what was going to come out the other end...when I'm asked to do an experiment or work out a project I usually just start drawing templates until the right one comes along and flows in all the right places...this one did that quickly even though the -idea- of it was a bit odd sounding.
anyways, once I get a template down, I shape the rest of the board to match those boards rotate around the idea that no curve is out of place, and flows naturally with no forced bends or changes as it goes into the next.
The side boxes are for keels, by the way...

Don't plan too may end up missing out on something interesting.  


dogleg said...

very curious what keels you will use?

Hilbatron 3000 said...

Hiya Ryan;
Long time no talk to. Nice v-bottom stylie. How is your feedback on the one-plus-two fin setup? You know I like it, but I'd love to hear your vibe. BJ