Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The _______est Fool Alive

Damn, that was a full day!

Laminated a rad new T.rev for Raj down in Ventura, hotcoated god knows how many decks, then hit the road and surfed 'con for a few hours with the crowd, but the ones that you could pick off...mighty fine indeed!  On my way out I saw Mr.Cyrus Sutton rock dancing with his kneeboard, chatted with him for a few and then hung with Albers and Brandon on the washed up logs and chatted about huge tubes and schralpable nuggets.

Herbie and I got back to the shop as the sun was going down, Hiten and Nick came by to chat me up and played me some tunes as I got down with the grinder for a few...

Doesn't get much better than Mondays!

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the dirtiest hippy said...

that was a pretty fun day