Monday, April 26, 2010

Friends Are Fun

Surfed with a few friends today and the new mini-vid some interesting screen grabs, nothing fantastic, but documenting fun times is always nice :)

Got my first session on the Tiberline hull that I shaped, and gave Steve a run on it as well (last pic).  So far SOOOOOOO good on it, super fast and slippery and locks into trim...cutbacks were effortless and full railed when you've got the shoulder to put one down!  Couldn't be much happier, and I will DEFINITELY be making some new EPS hulls after feeling the response on this thing...check how CLEEEEEEAN she flows:


Vyusher La Kali said...

Love that warpage! Love it! I miss surfing. No waves in TN.

Ryan said...

:( hope you're well bruddah

dogleg said...
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dogleg said...

lots of thick tubes in TN hair salons though.
you could finger surf?

Vyusher La Kali said...

I'm as well as can be, thanks man.

Finger surfing is a sin here in the Bible belt..

Can't wait for my EPS experiment!

dogleg said...

that board is amazing.
you are on to something here for sure.
seems it almost has a bit of planing hull aspects cuz of the eps carrying you on top of the water, yet burying rail is still effortless with the low volume and bladey blade.
bad ass machine!
i'd like to hear what the experienced hull people think about it.?
also like to try it a bit more than 3 waves.