Tuesday, April 6, 2010

4'11" for Lakey

Lakey Peterson's shaped this with me, her new little shred sled!
4'11" x 22" x 2 5'8"

After we made her Gullet, she wanted to learn to shape a little bit so we made this together the next day, I took care of the heavy planer work and she was in charge of the block sanding and screening...stoked on the finished product :)
We decided to add a crack in the tail to free it up a little bit, she's an insane surfer and I didn't want the board to be too sticky for her; also took my normal Velosim fin template, nicked the back off of it and a little leading edge also, then cut the base away...this thing oughtta be pretty fun for her!
Belly to triplane bottom that exits off the outer edges of the fins, with a heavy single concave through the middle...epic.


pushingtide said...

Goddamn that things looks so fun PC!!!

Chivo said...

Epic indeed.