Monday, August 16, 2010

Big Cat Pat

Big Cat Pat is on a path to enlightenment within surfing.  

Raised in the chop hopping center of the world.  He has recently said WTF, OMG, and most likely FML when it comes to surfing thrusters and other hyper rockered out thingamajigs.

The B.C.P. stumbled into my shop after an outrageously excited string of emails and a three day marathon in which he reportedly read EVERY blog post I've ever made...respect.

Looking to push his hull into some serious juice and nutbusting-bottom turns, Big Cat is piquing my curiosity and  I am proud to have been a base-step in this most magical here's Pat's 7'1 modified Hullibut...

Big Cat Pat says hulls FTW!

By the way, this board glows in the dark.  seriously.  I'm not kidding.  Seriously.  No, really it does.  It glows.  In the dark.  Yah.



Whatever, if you don't believe me, psh.  It does.  and Pat won't be able to sleep anymore for multiple reasons:

1) There is a neon green glowstick that's 7'1" in his room.

2) There is a good chance the board is in his bed.

3) The is an even better chance that this situation may piss off his girlfriend.

4) Despite 1-3, there are no waves.


Eric said...

Can I get a fin like that

Ryan said...

shoot me an email!
ryan @