Monday, August 2, 2010


Shopservations by Sam Diephuis

Sam shot me an email a few weeks ago looking to come up and take some photos, as always I said yes and he showed up a couple days later.  We ended up hanging out for the whole day and talking about life and attitudes and relationships...The conversation at times took a turn and focused more of flatulence and related topics, but that only cemented the fact that he's a really rad guy and that working with him was gonna be productive and above all, fun.

Over the years there has been a thread that links all of my friends and people that come through my shop; it goes along the lines of personality and personal taste.  We're all completely different people with different interests and experiences.  But it feels like everyone who is even remotely interested in alternative surf craft or even just looking into the possibilities within it are bonded by some kind of similar lifestyle or personal belief, maybe its a typecast of people; but what it has taught me is that everyone has something to bring to the table.  What they wear doesn't matter, how they paint or what kind of cool trendy instrument they play or what's on their iPod doesn't make a difference; how they got to riding the boards that they do doesn't even matter.  If you can get over yourself and that can all be put aside and the similarities be focused on, an incredible conversation is always there and good friends are everywhere.

We are all on our own path but I think we would all be surprised at how often our paths are running parallel.

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Cory said...

A fisherman I met once told me an old Spanish proverb he referred to as "Consualidad". According to the fisherman, Consualidad is when two sailors set out to sea in opposite directions, yet eventually cross each others' path. I'm not sure about the accuracy of its nomenclature, or whether its actually a Spanish proverb at all, but it painted a picture in my mind that stayed with me. It's easy to recognize the parallel lines that are drawn all around us once we take a step away from ourselves and what we think we know. The exciting part of discovering these underlying congruences is that they apply not only to friendships we have today, but the ones we've had in the past, as well as the ones we will create in the future.