Monday, August 30, 2010

PC's Third Stage on Korduroy!

Guess what time it is everyone?


Been slaving away all week on thise 6 minute chunk of stuff, and Cyrus Sutton was kind enough to post it up with a little interview on

There's lots of surfing going on in it, even some footage of Nick riding the Flex Spoon that I made for Jonny.

The video has Connor Lyon, Ross Bushnell, Kyle Albers, Nick Cook and Pete Surprenant, all shredding away on some of my boards over the past week of waves...lots of 4:30am departure times went into this and I think it payed off.

What I think payed off even more was the time I put into Stage III, the thing goes OFF. So much natural speed its ridiculous, I'm sussing out a new fin for it, you can see it slide a little and send Nick into the shallows later on into the video...gotta fix that :)

Aside from that though, Ross was stylin' on it and taking it to warp 10 around 2:02, and Connor getting some spring in his step around 1:40. Also keep a very close eye on how it loads up through the second session, being in a more tense wave put a lot of strain on the board and made it visibly warp which made me a very happy camper!

anyways, enjoy the Third Stage here...WOOHOOOOO

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A. Swanson said...

Connor rips so hard!