Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stage IIIing Still

So very close...Final photos tomorrow, ride report this weekend!

The board bends about 2.5" in hand from the widepoint to the tail, with one person holding the nose down and the other torquing on the tail.  The 2.5" is from flat, so when it's twisted the corners of the tail can actually have about 5" of difference...I'm pretty impressed with it and that i actually got the flex I was looking for; now it's just time for the real deal testing!  You can even grab it from about 12" from the tail and twist the board from that point as well, meaning that a lot of the flex is coming from the center of the board as opposed to the tail alone.

The materials seem to really have a clear resonance through the board, you can twang the fin and the vibrations carry all the way through the nose and make a really unique sound compared to other material combinations.

I'll take a video of it hanging out in the racks and twisting a little to post with the finished pics!


Tim Caton said...

if we can apply that to paipos. maaaaan that'd be coo coo cool!

A. Swanson said...

Seriously, you stop doing this sort of stuff hahaha

Mitch said...

Where did that vid go? Did you delete it? Can't find it on Vimeo!